Facilities at Welham Bowls Club

Welham Bowling Club offers possibly the best facilities of any outdoor bowling club in the Malton and Norton area of North Yorkshire. Not only is it situated in attractive surrounds at the centre of the towns, it boasts an excellent well-maintained spacious bowling green – perfect for bowling. Maintaining the green is made more straightforward by making good use of stored rain-water.

The clubhouse is substantial and has recently been upgraded with newer and better facilities. It offers both a well-stocked kitchen and a toilet for disabled visitors or players.

Interior of the Welham Bowling Club. The kitchen area can be seen to the right rear while the Disabled toilet is visible to the left.


The club also offers a large car-park adjacent to the green. It is big enough to meet all normal demands and could not be closer to the playing area. No lugging of heavy bowls bags here!

View across Welham Bowling Club. Part of the car-park is visible in the foreground. Further back can be seen some members who are working on the green and its surrounds